Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Psychology


BA Psychology or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a 3-year undergraduate course which is offered by many colleges and universities in India. The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is 10+2 qualification. The student should have qualified senior secondary with a minimum of at least 50% marks.

BA Psychology: Highlights

Course Level Bachelors
Examination Type Semester-wise/Year-wise
Eligibility for the program 10+2 examination with English as a core subject
Duration of the program 3 Years

BA Psychology: Eligibility

There is just one eligibility criterion for this course. The student should have cleared their senior secondary examination with at least 50% marks. The school should be affiliated to a recognized board.

Career Prospects after BA Psychology

BA Psychology opens up job prospects in various sectors. Below is a list of sectors where a psychology degree graduate can find employment.

  • Welfare Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • NGOs
  • Child/Youth Guidance Centers
  • Research Establishments
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Corporate Sector
  • Hospitality

Some of the professions for a BA Psychology graduate are listed below:

Sales Representative In BA Psychology program, a student learns certain inter-personal skills which can be then used in different sales and marketing roles.
Advertising Agents The art of persuasion forms a major part of psychology education and can be effectively used in careers related to advertising.
Career Counselors A degree in psychology comes handy when working as a career counselor as it requires understanding the skills and potentials of an individual and guiding them towards their right career path.
Recruiter A Psychology graduate can also thrive in the role of recruiter for a company as it requires the skill to recognize strengths and skills of an individual and employ it in a way to benefit an organization.
Social Worker A bachelor in Psychology can find employment at NGOs and rehabilitation centers. This role includes assessing psychological needs of a community, providing counselling services etc.
Teacher After a Bachelor degree in Psychology, one can easily get into the profession of teaching. However, in India an additional B.Ed. degree improves chances of employability as a teacher.